Bliss Re-Opening, Phase 2 Updates

We are BEYOND excited for this coming Tuesday! We get to re-open our doors and see all of you again!  In addition, both of us will be at our first 9:30 class Tuesday to kick it off - yay!  


Naturally re-opening our doors does come with some changes so please see details below.  This email is packed with important information and procedural changes along with plan information that allows us to open our doors and do our part to promote everyone's health. This email has lots of important items and I encourage you to read through it all.  But IF you only read a few parts please make sure to check out “Workout Stations", "How and WHEN to register for classes", along with our updated "No-Show" policy below.  It is now more important than ever to sign up for your class ahead of time (details below). Please let us know if you have any questions, feedback, ideas - anything! 


Class size limit:

First off, we do have to limit our class sizes; of course, we all knew that was coming. Our new capacity is now 10 participants plus the instructor(s).


Workout Stations:

When you arrive your workout station will already be set up for you and catered to your liking - excluding your water and your mat unless otherwise noted. Each station will be set up at the barre and we will conduct class from there instead of transitioning to and from the center of the room. This means your area will be set up specifically for you by weights, ball, bands, etc. There will be no need to grab your own which helps us support physical distancing.  Your personal area is where you may keep your personal belongings as well. At the end you get to leave it all there (except your personal belongings, you get to take those with you), we will sanitize it for you and put it away. This helps us sanitize everything as it comes out, and as it goes in to keep us within guidelines. We prefer to look at it to our advantage as a nice service; it helps if someone is running a touch late or if you must jet out to get to another appointment. 


How and WHEN to register for classes: 

With the new guidelines we need to prepare for all clients coming in, so we do need everyone to sign-up in advance for classes. All classes will require a 2 hour advanced sign-up.

     Class sign-up times:

     * For 6am classes, please sign up by 5am

     * For 9:30am classes, please sign up by 8:30am

     * For the 4pm classes, please sign up by 2pm

Sign up is through the MindBody app. This time stamps it for us and in the event, something happens it's the fastest route we have to connecting with you. Life has really shown all of us lately we just never know what might happen.... haha! If you do not have the MINDBODY app yet here is the link. It will ask you to create an account. It should automatically place us as a favorite so you can find us fast and do not have to search for us in the future.


No-Show Policy:

Due to the limited class sizes we do need to start enforcing our no-show policy. We will not charge you an additional charge for no-showing, but we will start enforcing our no-show policy to not refund punches.  If something happens please make sure to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can utilize the wait list and give someone a spot that otherwise would not have had one.  Email or text is great! or 208-696-1449 is our Barre Bliss phone. The text messages go to both of us. 



While neither of us will be wearing masks during class you are more than welcome to do so. The mask with the microphone does. not. work. and we figured it was important for you to be able to hear us. We do wear masks during other times and are limiting our exposure for the safety of our families, community and you. Your health is a priority so please make sure to come as you feel comfortable.


Healthy Attendance:

We all knew this one was going to be on the list. If you have been (1) exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, (2) exposed to someone with symptoms, or (3) you yourself are having symptoms, please stay home. We are also doing the same. 


Changes in the Studio:

There will be a couple changes in the studio. First make sure to bring your water bottle full. The water fountain will be closed.  Also, the changing room will be closed except for the bathrooms.  This part will not really impact us but it's good to know ahead of time. 


Whew! That is a lot to cover! Please let us know if you have any questions, feedback, concerns or anything at all. Feel free to reply to this email, it's coming straight to us and not through our marketing sight. (I made sure). 


We are SO excited to see you all!!!



Nikkel and Lynaya


Barre Bliss


(208) 696-1449